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The Benefits of Utilizing Vocational Rehabilitation in Recovery

The Benefits of Utilizing Vocational Rehabilitation in Recovery

The incidence of substance use disorders among people with disabilities tends to be higher than it is for the general population. In particular persons served by the State-Federal Vocational Rehabilitation System. Such people pose a greater risk of substance abuse because of medication abuse, poverty, unemployment, and lack of education. They receive less academic education, as well as less precautionary tools to understand the risks of substance abuse and addiction. Substance abuse and dependence both are categorized as substance use disorders, and are viewed as chronic disabilities. Vocational rehabilitation is the process in which a recovering alcoholic/addict can work towards returning to the workforce after substance abuse treatment.  

An effective vocational rehabilitation approach is always individualized, comprehensive, and holistic.

It is meant to assist each client with exactly what they need to best succeed. It focuses on empowering the alcoholic/addict to make decisions on short-term, and then eventually long-term goals. The comprehensive part of the rehabilitation focuses on educating disabled people about the world of work, what it takes to compete in that world, and the training needed to be successful going into it.

The holistic approach covers all life areas such as medical, social, psychological, educational, economic, legal, and spiritual. Each client needs to be fully involved in their drug rehabilitation, even if at first they don’t agree with everything it entails. The point to all of these concentrated areas is to get someone completely ready to integrate back into the community, and sustain a productive, sober life.

Along with enrolling in vocational rehabilitation either in residential treatment, in sober living, or after residential treatment, finding as many other mutually focused support groups to aid in sustained recovery is recommended. As you can imagine, transitioning back into the “real world” after treatment can be daunting, but vocational rehabilitation will help cushion that transition. Upon acceptance into the program, vocational rehabilitation will provide benefits to alcoholics/addicts for a lifetime.

Utah has an exceptional vocational rehab program.

According to performance data from the RSA (Federal Rehabilitation Service Administration), Utah’s program outperformed neighboring states on almost all performance measures. So find the closest Voc Rehab office to you, make an appointment, and benefit from this exceptional recovery tool.

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