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Staff Bio’s

“Only the wounded healer can truly heal.” – Irvin Yalom, Lying on the Couch
Our staff is an eclectic crew of down to earth people who are encouraged to be themselves. They bring personal experience as well as the education and training it takes to help others reach their true potential. We understand the meaning and purpose necessary to recover.

Our founder, Mike Ray, believes in nurturing the strengths of each person to bring out their best. Our culture is based on giving people a chance no matter what is in their past. Because of this, we are surrounded by diamonds in the rough.

michael ray

Michael Ray

LCHMC – Executive Director
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    Michael Ray has an extensive history in the field of Substance Use Disorder and Co-occurring Mental Health Disorder treatment. He has displayed exemplary ideals in the recovery community, along with the belief that recovery is possible and should be available to all who seek help. Mike started clinical work in 2001 as a Substance Use Disorder Counselor at The Haven, a residential treatment center in Salt Lake City. In 2005, he became The Haven’s Executive Director. In 2012, he received his Master’s Degree in Counseling from University of Phoenix. Mike has personally been a devout recovery advocate for over 20 years.

    Mike opened a private practice in 2013, Canyon Grove Counseling, and subsequently began working as a therapist at Salt Lake Behavioral Health’s Psychiatric Unit. He has been vital in the recovery community in many ways: he has a strong belief in continuation of care and supports stable integration back into the community for clients graduating from intensive residential programs. He has inspired many individuals along the path to opening in 2017 his own Salt Lake treatment facility: 7th Street Treatment Center. His non-profit agency has grown from initially offering coed residential treatment for adults, to additionally providing Intensive and General Outpatient Services and a Sober Living Program.

Jan Carter

Jan Carter

Administrative Director / Corporate VP
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    Jan Carter has worked for 16+ years in the field of substance abuse treatment writing grants and fundraising for local non-profit agencies. She is passionate about helping those who struggle with the disease of addiction, and supports clients and staff by volunteering as an event planner, gardener, co-organizer of recreational therapy trips, and as an occasional speaker on family nights, where she shares her personal experience in recovery and in Al Anon.
Sunny Livingston Grow

Sunny Livingston Grow, MSW

Co-Founder / Case Manager
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    Sunny has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science (2011) and a Master’s Degree in Social Work (2012) both from the University of Utah. She also completed the Substance Abuse Treatment Training Program at the U of U College of Social Work (2001) and held an active license as a substance abuse counselor for many years. She has devoted her entire career to the treatment of substance and mental health disorders, having provided counseling services for several facilities in the Salt Lake City area. She has a passion for helping clients identify the issues that contributed to their addictive behavior, and to gain skills for rebuilding their lives. Sunny believes the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important determinants of client success. She endeavors to create an atmosphere of safety and trust for clients, through her dedication to their well-being and her infinite faith in their worth and potential. In recovery herself since 1998, she is compassionate, genuine, and committed to her clients. She considers it an exceptional honor to be invited on this journey with her courageous clients.

Billy Hatch

PHP Case Manager
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    “I have never worked in any place where the staff, from the founder to the newest employee, are not only pulling in the same direction but for each other too.”

    Billy comes to 7th Street with a love for people, and the impact he gets to have just by being himself. Working at 7th Street has taught him that he can make a difference, and that through community we can do anything. Billy is a rockstar on the side. He has written multiple musical parodies about the ironies of recovery, and he has a killer singing voice. He is a CPSS with DHHS Case Manager certification and has studied at SLCC and University of Utah.

Heather Apo, CSUDC

Clinical Director
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    “My work at 7th Street has taught me about discipline. We learn from what we surround ourselves with. I introduce clients to a world that is safe, supportive and loving. I teach them what life has to offer to all of us if we put in the work.”

    Heather brings 12 years of experience working in the field of recovery. She believes in meeting people where they are so they can grow at their own pace. Her methods are not “cookie cutter,” rather they are tailored to the individual’s life experience, their strengths, as well as current core issues. She loves being part of a staff who never gives up on clients or on each other. Heather feels most alive when she is with her grandchildren, at the beach or in the flow of yoga. Her career highlights include: SUDC, Utah Recovery Ambassador 2017, and Legislative Intern 2013-2017.

Brandon Goodsell, MBA

Billing and Admissions Coordinator
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    “7th Street is a second chance for people who deserve a second chance.”

    Brandon has over 7 years of experience in admissions. He is thorough in his area of expertise.  His way of greeting new participants is calm and clear. He takes his time to answer questions and make sure they feel welcome.

Zack Diehl

Intensive Outpatient Coordinator
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    “My work has taught me that people make mistakes, but how you come back from those mistakes is what truly matters.”

    Zack is an easy going guy who puts people at ease. During his time at 7th Street, he has been dealt some blows, and he knows the alumni stand by each other through good times and bad.  He is dedicated to passing on what he has been given. Zack loves snowmobiling and being in the mountains. He is a CPSS and a DHHS certified case manager.

Philip Millerberg

Operations Director
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    “I feel like I have a purpose that is being fulfilled here.”

    As a recording artist and lyricist, Philip knows the value of dynamic range. It is the contrast which makes music and life worthwhile. He gets to see people at their lowest point in life, and loves offering them a chance to rise. With a knack for delegation, Philip is made for his job. He is a healthy mix of old school work ethic, with an artist’s open mind.

    Philip is a CPSS and DHHS Certified Case Manager. He is also a certified music recording technician. One of his passions is, a portable recording studio inside of an old bus, which he built with his bare hands. Harvey lives at 7th Street where he hosts one-on-one sessions with clients, records music, and is currently working on recording staff recovery stories. Harvey is the offspring of Own It SLC, co-created with 7th Street Art Specialist Sarah Kappos.  Phil loves the synergy of art and recovery he has been able to create.

Amber Gronau

Kitchen Manager
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    “I love watching people fall in love with life again.”

    As a mother of 5 children, Amber knows how to feed people. She keeps a never ending stream of food moving through the house, feeding group meals to participants and staff. She is a wizard of food safety and makes everyone feel welcome in the kitchen. She believes her story has value, and as a CPSS she gets to share it.

Sarah Kappos

Creative Guide
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    “In my work, I have seen and heard artists who have brought me to tears. It’s an honor to be with them.”

    Sarah believes recovery is a creative process. Stepping into the unknown, facing fear, honing a practice, and sharing it with others, are all parallels between art and recreating the self.

    Sarah teaches art, writing, movement and meditation at 7th Street, where she finds a culture of unexpected openness. As a graduate of the University of Utah in 2010, Sarah’s dream came true at 7th Street, where she gets to teach all the things she loves.

    Sarah is co-creator of Own It SLC, a performing arts collective featuring podcast, live shows, Harvey the bus, and a growing band of local artists.

    Sarah has a degree from the University of Utah in Studio Art and Art Education. She is certified as a River Writing facilitator, thank you Nan Seymour. Sarah is a certified doula, a seasoned stage performer and mother of 4 children. She is also a CPSS.

Ben Hartwell

Maintenance Assistant
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    “The staff have been through the trenches so they welcome everyone with open arms.”

    In his calm and steady way, Ben can fix anything. He is a 7th Street alumni, and is happy to share his experience with anyone who is struggling. His work in recovery has taught him to have an open mind and improved his communication skills. Hiking and being in Lake Powell are some of his favorite things. 

Edward Broyles

Residential Case Manager
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    “I love running Step Groups with the clients because I relate to them on many levels. Working at 7th Street has taught me to have integrity with everything I do.”

    Ed brings his lived experience with zeal and generosity. He facilitates connection with our community partners FTR, Fellowship Hall and the sober softball league. He understands firsthand how creating a meaningful life beyond treatment leads to long term recovery. Ed brings expertise as a CPSS into every interaction and he is not afraid to let his emotions show. He also holds DHHS case manager certification.

Rachel Beams

Residential Case Manager
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    “I love giving back to the program that helped me to change my life.”

    Rachel describes 7th Street as “magical” and she has certainly become a part of that magic. As a graduate of the program, Rachel jumped into service with quick feet. She can be seen bustling around the facility with a clipboard in her hand, always ready to accomplish the next task. Part of her new life includes reconnecting with her daughter. Rachel feels most alive watching her dance.

Jennifer Gillespie

Jennifer Gillespie

Medication Management
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    “At 7th Street we are not just another number.”

    Jen loves helping people like herself have a better quality of life. She feels most alive when she is doing outreach and service. Her work has taught her that she can do great things with her recovery journey. Jen is a great example of perseverance and the ability to overcome barriers. She is a strong role model for women.

“Only the wounded healer can truly heal.”  
– Irvin Yalom,
Lying on the Couch

Every member of our staff is also in recovery. We have found this to be an asset in developing strong therapeutic relationships with our clients, which is the greatest determinant of treatment retention and success. We know what it takes to walk through the treatment process, because we’ve experienced it. We are committed to the healing of our clients and devoted to helping them achieve the freedom and happiness that awaits them in recovery.