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The Roles Family Members Play in Addiction

The Roles Family Members Play in Addiction

Addiction is a family disease, we have heard it over and over, but making sense of it can be tricky. Substance abuse recovery isn’t something done alone, as they say, “It takes a village to raise a kid”, the idea rings true when trying to make recovery a reality in a family dynamic. Addict’s best recover with the support of family, friends, and the recovery community around them when they finally reach treatment.

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Living With an Alcoholic or Addict

Living with an addict can be a living hell. Unpredictable and dangerous, yet sometimes exciting and romantic. Never knowing when we’ll be blamed or accused. Not being able to dependably plan social events. As the addict becomes more irresponsible, we pick up the slack and do more, often becoming the sole functioning parent or even the sole provider; yet we’re unable to lean on our partner for comfort or support.

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Meeting Of Support Group

The Benefits of Group Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Group therapy is a vital component in any comprehensive addiction treatment program. It offers clients the ability to access support and encouragement from the community surrounding them in a residential treatment facility. The natural sense humans have to congregate and to lean on people around them makes group therapy a very powerful tool in treating substance abuse. 

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Welcome to 7th Street Treatment Center

Welcome to 7th Street Treatment Center, we opened our doors this May 5th, 2017. 7th Street has a wonderful blend of stately, historic mansion and cozy, homey atmosphere. The building is situated on a large half acre estate grounds, providing a sense of privacy and quiet. Centrally located near public transportation and only a few minutes ride from down town Salt Lake City.

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