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Aaron Orr – The Truth

| 7th Street Staff |
Fire Dancing

The truth right now is that the end is coming sooner than I realized it would. 
When I first started this journey, 60 days seemed like forever away and now that it is almost over, I’m a little worried about the end of this process.  
I know it’s not really the end, it’s the beginning of something new that’s both exciting and scary.
I’m excited to live my life sober and free,
I’m scared of reverting back to old behaviors, old places and people
The truth is that I struggle with setting healthy boundaries  because doin so makes me feel alone
Which can trigger me
The truth is that I know I can’t continue to try to do this on my own
The truth is that I want a different life than I’ve ever lived before
I’m scared to live any other way because the way I’ve lived in my past is all I’ve ever known
The truth is that I’m ready to show up for myself when I need to
The truth is I want to do life on God’s terms this time
By doing so I will bring truth to my life.

~ Arron Orr