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Welcome to 7th Street Treatment Center


Welcome to 7th Street Treatment Center, we opened our doors this May 5th, 2017. 7th Street has a wonderful blend of stately, historic mansion and cozy, homey atmosphere. The building is situated on a large half acre estate grounds, providing a sense of privacy and quiet. Centrally located near public transportation and only a few minutes ride from down town Salt Lake City.

Our program stands out from others by the strong support network it provides for clients.

Social support is a crucial factor for success at all stages of recovery: during the emotional work of treatment, step-down and transition phases, and the challenging moments of managing recovery for years to come.

7th Street maintains a large network of support through alumni and members of the recovery community. Utilizing 12-step programs allows continued growth and support in this capacity, as research shows it is the most effective method for sustaining long-term recovery. We have in-house AA meetings each week, they are as follows:

Weekly Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings


Grapevine: 12p – 1p


Big Book: 12p – 1p


As Bill Sees It: 12p – 1p


Daily Reference: 12p – 1p
Fireside: 8:30p


Topic: 12p – 1p

We offer a handful of Evidence Based Treatment Services (EBP’s). “EBP is the integration of clinical expertise, patient values, and the best research evidence into the decision making process for patient care. Clinical expertise refers to the clinician’s accumulated experience, education, and clinical skills.”

In good weather, we will hold campfire meetings on our property. Residents will have regular opportunities to participate in local events hosted by 12-step programs, including picnics, conferences and camping trips to some of the most beautiful places Utah has to offer!