Cordela P.

I’ve been to 21 inpatient treatment programs before coming to 7th street. I was completely broken & felt like I was wasting my time that nothing would change. But nothing could have been further from the truth. The truth!! There’s something very special about that place! I’m not the girl that easily opens up about some of the traumatic things that have happened in my life & I found myself for the first time doing with my case manager Christan I had told her things & cried she listened & cried with me. & then moving forward into I.O.P. with my therapist Alicia Fisher who has helped me grow the most over the last few months when I’ve struggled the most at times. She has helped me recognize & feel emotions & process them in a healthy way I never thought was possible. Most importantly I feel important & like I matter & I am being heard for the very first time in my entire life which means the world to me! I can tell her anything & never feel judged. I’ve had too many therapists throughout my life to count and by far Alicia is the best therapist I’ve had. She is compassionate, understanding & she honestly cares! If I could recommend any facility for a family member or an addict suffering with addiction this is the place where the healing begins.💙”

Sean H.

I would like to the thank 7th Street Treatment and their staff for helping and guiding me in my recovery. 7th Street helped show me who I am, who I am not, and who I can be. I value and treasure my recovery experience at 7th Street and would highly recommend their facility to anyone battling addiction and behavioral problems.”

Michael W.

This place Changed my life, the staff are amazing and I am forever grateful to 7th street.”

Capri T.

I may have never been a client here but one thing I can say is that I’ve been a part of this place since it first opened. Right when I walk through those doors for the first time I knew I instantly felt like I was home. From that day on this place has been my safe haven! It’s been a place of comfort security and love. 7th street has helped me in ways I couldn’t even begin to say, The staff alone I consider to be more of a family to me then anything. They not only opened their arms to me but to my daughter. She has grown up around this home, she’s now 10 when we started showing up here she was 6 I believe. It’s been the biggest security blanket to her as well. This place is amazing, this place is home, this place is what continues to save me. There’s magic inside of the walls. Thank you 7th street for everything you’ve giving me and continue to give me. I’m forever grateful. Mike- thank you for caring about me when I didn’t know how to care for myself. You truly are a God send!”

Jessie B.

“This place is a pretty awesome place. I’ve done 17 months total of inpatient treatment centers and this is the place that everything started to click! I love my therapist sunny we have made a strong connection and I’ve really opened up and found some core issues in my self . Thanks for everything I’m starting to get my life back thanks to you guys!!”

Dizzy D.

My experience with 7th Street treatment has changed my life I’m so grateful for them the biggest step that’s happened in my life was going to 7th Street all my court stuff has been situated and I have a healthy sober community I can turn to I highly recommend this treatment center over any treatment center in salt lake City.”

Lindsey W.

7th street treatment is such a wonderful center. The staff and the therapists are so caring and knowledgeable in the treatment of addiction. Sunny and Alicia are so kind and truly save lives. I don’t know where I’d be without 7th street, this place has saved me.”

Riley D.

I am eternally grateful to 7th street, as well as the staff that work there. I had nowhere to go upon release from jail, and asked the Drug Court to put me into a rehab program, which turned out to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made. The staff are courteous and genuinely care about the residents. They’ve done everything to assist me in meeting Drug Court’s expectations, and even helped me get into Sober Living upon graduation from the program. I might not even be alive today if not for the 7th Street clinic.”

Meg N.

I love 7th Street. I never thought I would ever feel the way I do about my Life. I finally feel like I have a new found sense of peace. They have helped guide and direct me and been there for me. They welcome me back with open arms every time I visit. I am so blessed that I came to this treatment center. The staff does everything they can to support you. This treatment is affordable, covered by medicaid and that is hard to find. The food is made with love and the living arrangement is comfortable. I love Mike Ray and all the full time staff they truly helped me save my life. I absolutely love love love the community I have gained a whole family support group at 7th street. If you are ready to take the step into Recovery, I would suggest going here. Thank you again and again 7th street.”

Ashley N.

“They helped me deal with my emotions, helped me with daily goals and time management. I recommend this treatment center if you want to change your life for the better. All the staff sincerely care and want the best for you. Also Mike the owner is a pretty swell guy.”

Joey M.

“7th Street is the best treatment center I have been to. Kegan was my case manager, and he honestly had my best interest in mind. I love this place very much.”

Christian H.

“7th street Is the place to go! The staff are amazing and this is the place you go to if you want help and are ready to change!”


Jeffrey B.

Experience with 7 Street, from a satisfied customer. 

How was your recovery stay with us?  As I didn’t stay with 7th Street physically I must rate my “stay” with you as 8.5.  My experience with 7th Street was a rejuvenating and extremely introspective journey.  I hate the word journey because that usually means you end up at home at the end of it.  My house burnt down so I have no home to return too.  All I have is a destination, happiness.  I will call it my home.  7th let me find that.  It let me blab about what was on my mind, and through therapeutic magic I found that when I spoke in group I ended up not only excising what was on my mind, if useful, if spoken correctly, to the rest of the group, my confidence grew.  I learned that confidences lent by a therapist grows pride.  But in their ultimate wisdom it is only lent, a helping hand.  7th street did just that.  Through monitoring via almost daily contact I was lent the power to grow my own confidence in my actions.  I learned how to be confident in my sobriety.  

They allowed me time to enjoy the fruits of my labor through teaching me to be present and accountable.  I learned from others experiences in the group environment that connection comes from mutual respect and common goals.  Through sharing of my experiences both in sobriety and not, it became obvious to me that only by being present, and accountable for my actions would I ever make the all too important connection to others.

They showed me that connection was an amazing thing.  It binds us together and allows us to be alone.  Boundaries and empathy shape who we are.  Through trial and error boundaries shape our path.  Through shared experience, empathy allows us to view ourselves more clearly and openly.  This, they showed me, would make honesty a habit. 

 Nobody can call bullshit on someone unless they know the truth.  Because 7th Street employs smart enthusiastic people from the recovery pool, you know, as a patient, that there are greater minds in front of you.  So the lazy and problematic self-deceptive practice of denial can take no quarter with you when you are faced with the wisdom of person who has achieved the level of recovery as the employees of 7th Street.  They make it fun to rely on your self and trust yourself through exercises and guidance.  Lessons if you will.  And all at a contagion free distance. (thanks Covid19)  

If I were to recommend 7th to a person who I felt needed a recovery program I would say to them.  “do you think you’re ready?”  Because just as getting into addiction takes years of practice, so does recovery, and recovery isn’t attractive like using is.  However, at 7th street, because they pick the best and brightest, and cutest therapists, it is attractive.  They demand the hard work, but its easier to take instruction and guidance from fun and attractive people.  Just think, fun and attractive people have been selling products since the beginning.  I suppose 7th street figured that out.  If you want someone to buy into your product, you gotta make it attractive, oh yeah, and useful as hell.  So much of using blinds us to what is best for us, that shinning a bright light, like the people who work for 7th, is in my experience the only way to open our eyes to our inner selves.  And that is not something that is easy or to take lightly.

So are you ready?  I am truly grateful for all of you.

Jeffrey Boynton 11/10/2020

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