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Our staff is highly trained, with all masters-level clinicians, and 39 combined years of experience in treating substance use/mental health disorders. Our night staff is Peer Support Certified. We have dedicated our lives to helping those who suffer from the devastating disease of addiction, and the co-occurring disorders that often accompany it. We are continually seeking opportunities to further our education and training, in order to offer our clients the most effective treatment methods and evidence-based techniques.

Michael Ray

LCMHC - Executive Director

Michael Ray has an extensive history in the field of Substance Use Disorder and Co-occurring Mental Health Disorder treatment. He has displayed exemplary ideals in the recovery community, along with the belief that recovery is possible and should be available to all who seek help. Mike started with The Haven Treatment Center in 2001, working as a Substance Use Disorder Counselor. In 2005, he became the Haven’s Executive Director. In 2012, he received his Master’s Degree in Counseling from University of Phoenix.

Mike opened a private practice in 2013, Canyon Grove Counseling, and subsequently began working at Salt Lake Behavioral Health’s Psychiatric Unit. Mike has been vital in the recovery community in many ways and has a strong belief in continuation of care and encourages integration back into the community. He has inspired many individuals along the way to opening his own facility, and has been a devout advocate for recovery for over 15 years.

Jan Carter

Corporate VP
Jan Carter has worked for 16+ years in the field of substance abuse treatment writing grants and fundraising for local non-profit agencies. She is passionate about helping those who struggle with the disease of addiction, and supports clients and staff by volunteering as an event planner, gardener, co-organizer of recreational therapy trips, and as an occasional speaker on family nights, where she shares her personal experience in recovery and in Al Anon.

Sunny Livingston Grow

MSW - Clinical Director

Sunny has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science (2011) and a Master’s Degree in Social Work (2012,) both from the University of Utah. She also completed the Substance Abuse Treatment Training Program at the U of U College of Social Work (2001,) and held an active license as a substance abuse counselor for many years.  She has devoted her entire career to the treatment of substance and mental health disorders, having provided counseling services for several facilities in the Salt Lake City area. She has a passion for helping clients identify the issues that contributed to their addictive behavior, and to gain skills for rebuilding their lives.

Sunny believes the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important determinants of client success. She endeavors to create an atmosphere of safety and trust for clients, through her dedication to their well-being and her infinite faith in their worth and potential. In recovery herself for 19 years, she is compassionate, genuine, and committed to her clients. She considers it an exceptional honor to be invited on this journey with her courageous clients.

Christan Felshaw

Case Manager

Christan has been working in the field of Substance Abuse treatment for 4 years.  She is currently studying Social Work, and plans to continue her education in counseling with the goal of attaining her LCMHC.  

Christan is a Certified Harm Reduction Specialist, and is dedicated to helping people break down old beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve them.  Drawing from her personal experience in recovery, she is passionate about empowering others to lead clean and sober lives.

Jessie Neilson

Director Of Operations CPSS

Jessie is a Certified Peer Support Specialist, and a proud mother to her 12-year-old son.  She attributes her life today to her years of sobriety and strong commitment to helping others overcome life’s difficulties and addictions.  Jessie understands the importance of restructuring harmful beliefs, and its role in establishing a purposeful and meaningful life. Her ability to make personal connections with clients and co-workers make her a great asset to the 7th Street Treatment Team.

Kegan Tolbert



Camille Mcgillis



“Only the wounded healer can truly heal.”  
- Irvin Yalom,
Lying on the Couch

Every member of our staff is also in recovery. We have found this to be an asset in developing strong therapeutic relationships with our clients, which is the greatest determinant of treatment retention and success. We know what it takes to walk through the treatment process, because we’ve experienced it. We are committed to the healing of our clients and devoted to helping them achieve the freedom and happiness that awaits them in recovery.

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