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Experience, Strength, and Hope for Alcoholics and Addicts

| 7th Street Treatment Staff |
Experience, Strength, and Hope for Alcoholics & Addicts

For the individual seeking help with recovery from drugs and alcohol, it can seem that there is nowhere to turn. Many addicts and alcoholics have been told they need help, but how is that help obtained? Unfortunately, many people think it’s as simple as saying, “No.” Others look down on individuals suffering from this disease because they fail to recognize it as a disease.

Fortunately, there is hope. That hope is called recovery. It is found in the rooms of recovery, such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) for Alcohol Addiction Treatment, and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) for Substance Abuse Recovery and Drug Addiction Treatment. Beyond the rooms of AA and NA, however, are amazing options for addicts and alcoholics who are in need of sober living properties, drug treatment centers, transitional living options, and more. 7th Street Treatment in Salt Lake City, UT is the avenue where hope can be found. They provide treatment services to addicts and alcoholics based on their individual need.

Help with Alcohol Problems

Alcoholics have tried every way possible to figure out how to drink less, with the ending result always being that there is none. Trying to figure out how to stop drinking so much as an alcoholic, is like someone with a severe peanut allergy trying to figure out how to eat less peanuts without quitting and without having an allergic reaction. Quitting is avoided at all costs because the disease tells the alcoholic that they can fix, manage, and control the problem without quitting. This is a lie. The only easy way to quit alcohol is to first admit having a problem, and then seeking help from those who understand the disease.

Help with Drug Problems

Heroin, Meth, Opioids of all kinds have taken hostage the souls of too many. When an addict wants help, truly wants help, they should immediately call resources like 7th Street Treatment in order to get the proper treatment plan according to their needs. There are only three roads that end with being an active drug addict: institutions, jails, or death. Try to imagine one outcome that ended well for someone addicted to drugs that did not seek recovery. Exactly. The only hope is that of recovery. Getting to recovery seems impossible, but if an addict is ready, they are seconds away from help.

Alcoholism and addiction are in actuality very similar. The recovery road for an alcoholic and an addict are also quite similar. The only proven road to recovery has been when one alcoholic/addict reaches out to another recovering alcoholic/addict and begins the life-changing and miraculous programs that recovery has to offer.

Are you looking for help? Don’t wait until it’s too late. There are so many just like you that are waiting with open arms to listen, understand, and help. Don’t leave before the miracle happens.