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Finding Fun in Life to Avoid Relapse

| 7th Street Treatment Staff |
Finding Fun in Life to Avoid Relapse

As addicts go through the process of recovering from substance abuse, one question that looms large is what will they do after treatment? While counseling and therapies provide a path for them to find success, it is efforts after treatment that will define success.

Many addicts express concern about returning to what may seem like a dull or humdrum life without drugs or alcohol. 7th Street Treatment facility has the tools to help those in recovery find success. 

Life Skills Training

Returning to one’s daily routine, after treatment, can often be a challenge. The Life-Skills Training at the 7th Street Treatment facility offers clients the ability to learn adaptive and positive behavior traits. Once those skills are learned, clients are able to more effectively deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

Recreational Therapy

One of the things that individuals recovering from substance use disorders often are most challenged with is finding things to do. How does someone stay busy in a positive manner while relearning how to live? During any stay at the 7th Street Treatment facility, clients are taught therapeutic recreation. This therapy is a systematic process that utilizes activities and interventions to address the needs of each individual. Finding activities that are fun, mind-refreshing and easy to access are a means to psychological and physical health.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention is a gigantic part of the post recovery curriculum. A treatment support specialist will help individuals locate a recovery program near them. Whether someone is dealing with drug or alcohol relapse prevention, staying sober is not a solo effort. By its nature, addiction isolates the addict. Conversely, after residential treatment requires a network of support.

Woven within the services at 7th Street Treatment facility are many uniquely designed programs that help individuals transition back into society and offer hope that there is fun in life after drugs and alcohol.