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I Admit That I Am An Addict

| 7th Street Treatment Staff |
I Admit That I Am An Addict

For anyone who has ever dealt with addiction, becoming self aware can be the first step to moving forward. While denial usually accompanies any mention of an addiction, it is at this moment that if an addict admits they have a problem, that true progress and change can be made.

For many addicts, the admission that they are powerless over a substance is a true moment of self awareness. Despite all of the negative consequences that surround addiction, an addict has a hard time seeing they have a problem. For so many, just the admission of a problem is the first-step toward figuring out what to do about that problem.

One of 7th-Street Treatment facilities key components to helping the recovering addict is the use of group therapy. This feature of group therapy separates 7th-Street Treatment from other treatment facilities by its introduction of self-awareness.

The best tool to develop self-awareness is the mirror held up by the feedback of a well-guided group.

During the sessions at 7th-Street Recovery, those involved are often guided to self-awareness through the eyes of others. Clients overcome relational barriers, practice emotional regulation and healthy coping skills, and discover ways to have positive interactions with the world and a gentler relationship with themselves.

Often times when an addict becomes self aware, other problem areas of their lives are discovered. Once problems are uncovered, they can be talked about and ultimately improved upon. During group therapy at 7th-Street Treatment, clients practice vital skills to maintain recovery within real-life contexts and challenges.

The group therapy at 7th-Street Treatment has helped many clients who’ve had previously failed attempts find success in this life-altering group process.

Becoming self-aware during these sessions helps clients develop a strong sense of trust in the group, and often lifelong bonds with other members.

It is this bond of trust developed during group sessions that help hold up the mirror of self-awareness for the recovering addict. Real people in a safe and trusting environment help shed light on an addict’s issues. Once those issues are identified they can be worked through and dealt with. The end result often gives the addict a better opportunity to move forward in a happy and healthy way.

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